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Welcome to Kearns Improvement District (KID).  We provide culinary water and sanitary sewer service. Below you will find information about billing, options to pay your bill, rates and fees, signing up for new service, water conservation, and water problems, such as a leak at your home, etc., or sewer problems.  If you have any questions or need further information, please call our office at 801-968-1011. 

We have after-hours emergency service.  If you’re experiencing an emergency, please call our office number at 801-968-1011. We do not offer after-hours water connections.  

If service has been disconnected for non-payment and it is after 5:30 p.m., the water will be connected the next business day.

New Customer Signup

To sign up for service as a new customer to Kearns Improvement District, click here.


For information on billing statements, billing cycles, how your bill is calculated, and how you can save money on your bill, please click here, or contact our customer service representatives at (801) 968-1011, Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m..

Billing Options

We offer two types of billing options:

Receive a traditional bill in the mail

GO GREEN. GO PAPERLESS. Set up an online account, or sign into your existing account, and choose paperless billing. Click here to set up an account. 

Payment Options

1.  Pay online or set up Autopay for automatic payments. Just click on Online Bill Pay to create an online account or sign into your existing account. We accept Visa, MasterCard debit or credit card, Discover Card, or by check, at no cost. Through your account, you can manage your payment options, view your bill and, if you want to GO GREEN, choose paperless billing.
2. Pay over the phone at 855-583-6745 with a Visa or Master Card debit or credit card, no charge.
3. Mail in payments, please no cash. 
4. Pay in person at our office during regular business hours- Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:30pm at 5350 West 5400 South. 
5. Pay in the night drop at any time.  It is located in our parking lot, no cash.

Equal Pay

We offer equal payments to our customers who prefer to have a set payment amount every month throughout the year.  We offer open enrollment for this program annually after your January bill.  In order to be eligible for our equal payment plan you have to have lived in your house for one full year and your bill must be current.  You may bring it current when signing up for the plan if needed.  Once your year is up and if you are interested in equal pay, all you need to do is meet the above requirements and either call our office at 801-968-1011 ext. 1 or email after your January statement.

Rates and Fees

Residential water rates are structured to encourage conservation, and the more water you use, the higher the cost. Residential sewer rates are comprised of a flat fee plus customer’s average previous winter's water use up to 20,000 gallons.  New customers will be billed at 7,000 gallons of water use per month. Click here for further information on rates and fees.

Multi-Family, Commercial, and Industrial Customers, please click here.


Signing Up For Service

If you have just moved into your home and need water service, please call our office.  Requirements for service vary depending on whether you’re a buyer, landlord, or renter.  If you are renting a home, your landlord will need to sign up for service to the home.  If you have any questions, please contact our office or click More Info


Water/Sewer Laterals/Lines

Water Lateral

The water lateral is the water line that connects the home or business to the water mainline.  Please be aware that maintenance and repair of the water lateral is the responsibility of the property owner.  If you are experiencing a leak at your home, or suspect you might have one, please call us.  We will come to your home to help you verify if there is one.

Sewer Lateral

The sewer lateral is the sewer line that connects the home or business to the sewer mainline.  Please be aware that maintenance and repair of the sewer lateral is the responsibility of the property owner.  If you are experiencing a problem with your water or sewer line, please call us first. 

We do not offer repairs on either line, but we can help diagnose the problem.


*Please note:  Kearns Improvement District provides culinary water and sanitary sewer service only and does not provide garbage service.  If you have questions about your garbage service you will need to contact your provider as follows:

Kearns Metro Township - Wasatch Front Waste – 385-468-6325
West Jordan City – 801-569-5020
West Valley City – 801-955-3720