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December Billing Messages

Prevent frozen lines Remove all hoses from outside faucets. When the temperature drops to 20 degrees or below, help prevent frozen water lines by leaving an inside tap dripping overnight.   Open cupboard doors to allow heat to pipes near outside walls.

November Billing Messages

KID RV dump will be closed Nov 1st- 2018 -March 31st, 2019 for the winter season. Now is time to turn your stop and waste valve to the “off” position! This valve “stops” the water and lets the remaining water in your main sprinkler line drain, or “waste”. This will prevent freezing and rupturing of your main sprinkler line and by making sure it is off completely you’re eliminating the possibility of a leak during the winter.

October Billing Messages

Conserve water, shower better! By switching to a Water Saving Showerhead  You could save 2,900 gallons of water per year  If you qualify, you can pick up your showerhead in our office during regular business hours, first come first serve during the month of October. Fill out an application to receive a FREE showerhead  (applications are available in our office or online at kearnsid. org)  Looking for a fast and convenient way to pay your bills?  Xpress Bill pay iPhone FREE App is now available!  SIMPLE, BENEFICIAL AND FREE!    Go to iTunes and type in “Xpress Bill Pay”.

August Billing Messages

Kearns Improvement District is offering a FREE Water Efficiency Kit to customers of Kearns Improvement District.   Stop by our office to pick up your kit today and continue to save water! Limit one per home.    Follow the outdoor watering guide for Utah at https://conservewater.

July Billing Message

Watch for our booth at Party in the Park on Saturday August 18th from 4:00-7:00 pm at Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District 8275 South 1300 West.   IT PAYS TO SAVE! Start saving water and money on your landscape or in your home. Create a Utah Water Savers Account to view cash rebates and programs such as toilet and smart controller rebates, landscape consultations, Flip your Strip, and learn how to save water outdoors.

June Billing Messages

June Billing Messages

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May Billing Message

Dear Customer, Kearns Improvement District (KID) is committed to providing high quality drinking water that meets or exceeds state and federal standards. Each year we publish our Water Quality Report showing water sampling results for the previous year. The Water Quality Report is available online.

Celebrate Water Week!

Celebrate Water Week!  Click here to find out more http://www. ims-awwa. org/group/Water%20Week .

SAVE WATER-follow this Utah Weekly Lawn Watering Guide

SAVE WATER-follow this Utah Weekly Lawn Watering Guide Click HERE for more information. .

March Billing Messages

Water Saving Tips Monitor your water bill for unusually high use. Your water bill is a tool that can help you discover leaks. Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you'll save up to 150 gallons per month.